Friday, July 5, 2013

Diane von Furstenberg Sample Sale, Friday June 28, 2013

My third DvF sample sale, and I knew the drill. At 9:30 AM there was no line, the early-birds already having entered. I checked my bag, wearing a dress with a pocket for my phone & a credit card. I started scouring the size 10 racks. It wasn't the bonanza of wrap dresses as in NYC June '12, but I spotted on the size 8 some wraps. And a wide array of dresses going back up to four seasons. Some legitimate samples, including a Kivel in a pattern I'd never seen, still labeled from the shop.

I ended up getting (all $100)

New Jeanne Two Stone Leopard Red - retail price $365
New Jeanne Two Leopard Nude - retail price $365
Ingrid - retail price $365
Hayley - broken zipper - retail price $565

I was hoping I'd get a discount given the broken zipper on the Hayley, but they said it was "as-is". Not that I would pay full price usually, but this would have been $1,660 + tax = $1,809.4 at retail. The nice thing about Sample Sale is tax is included. So $400 (total), or four dresses for the price of one!

I found one Kivel in Tiger Eye Teal, but only in Large which hung off of me. I wish I'd gotten there sooner, but better late than never.

I'm wearing my Stone Leopard Red today and have already gotten a compliment.

Is the DvF sample sale worth it? Depends on how much you're a DvF addict. But that's the title of my blog, after all.