Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hakkasan Dresses by Diane von Furstenberg

Hakkasan is an upscale Chinese restaurant chain, started in London. I kept admiring my waitresses dress last night, and finally asked her who made it. Diane von Furstenberg! I didn't know, I just liked the dress!  I guess I really do LOVE DvF. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

DVF Sample Sale December 2012 - Confirmed!

I have stopped buying DVF since October, as I am heavily anticipating the DvF sample sale in New York City. It's hard to pay even a sale price of $160 if I think I can get the same dress soon for $100. If patterns hold true, the sample sale "should" be December 6-13.
[UPDATE: Sale is official:
Where: 260 Fifth Ave NY, NY
When: Tuesday, December 11th, 9am~6:30pm
Wednesday, December 12th 10am~8pm
Thursday, December 13th, 10am~7pm
Friday, December 14th, 9am~3pm 
 Source: http://www.mizhattan.com/2012/11/sample-sale-dvf-diane-von-furstenberg.html
 No Saturday times like in June ] 

There's a heavy emphasis on "Should" - what about Hurricane Sandy? Christmas? I haven't quite pulled the trigger on buying my plane ticket til I'm more confident but I am looking forward to the sale!

On my list

  •  Evette 
  • Jeanne(s) [ of course ] 
  • Kivel, hopefully in Tiger Eye
  • ???

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Frustrated by hemming issues on Diane von Furstenberg

I have a pile  of Diane von Furstenberg dresses I'm not wearing due to the hems ripping out.

Do I love them? Yes.
Are they flattering? Yes.

So why aren't I wearing them? In all four, the hems ripped out, leaving a ragged edge. All are non-wrap dresses, and I think the thread used is not as strong. One Carpeena hem started unravelling after my first wear! Others, it's not only the actual hem (bottom of skirt), but the hem of the sleeves, too.

In my hemming pile...

Diane von Furstenberg Carpeena Marigold
Diane von Furstenberg Ingrid Winged Pink  (both skirt and sleeves need re-hemming)
Diane von Furstenberg Imana Sundial

Polly Dee Canyon Red (no pic)

The Polly Dee is a 5+ year old EBay find, so it's hemming issue is forgiveable. The Carpeena and Ingrid I bought brand new, so I'm bummed that they only lasted 1-3 wears before unraveling. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

DVF Sample Sale - Spring 2012

I was very pleasantly surprised by the June 2012 sample sale.  I arrived later than I wanted to on Friday, around 10:15 (sale opened at 9 AM).  But there was no line to get in. They checked my purse, and I had to lug around my (bulky) wallet.  Next time, I'll stuff a credit card in my bra (or wear pockets) like the other shoppers.

Immediately I was shocked at the very good selection of Julian & Jeanne dresses in good patterns.  I started grabbing too many, and eventually had a stack I couldn't haul around.  I paused and whittled down my heap from "oh, I might get this to" "I want THIS".  There were the Facebook Fan patterns of Stars, Green-Pink Polo Check (which I'd previously bought for $150) and the Trail.  Also Jeanne in Spotted Grey from a few seasons back.  Even very recent patterns, like the Jeanne in Paper Forest Green (which I already have) and Japanese Pop Daisy which the DVF website is still selling for $255.

I tried on...
  • Jeanne in Japanese Pop Daisy (bottom of the pattern fell funny on me)
  • Jeanne in Spotted Cat Grey (didn't love)
  • Green waves/brown bottom dress (not flattering)
  • Jeanne in Pink Stars (loved! though I could only find in 10)
  • Kivel in Floral Medley (loved!)
  • Rura in African Violet.  This is still full price at Saks!  I loved the pattern, but the dress just wasn't flattering on my stomach.  In the dressing room, I saw a girl trying on a wrap in this pattern.  I was so hoping she wouldn't get it, but she did.

The lady next to me was trying on a green Carpeena, so I tried it on.  It was a 12! but it looked good on me.  It's also still selling for full price at Saks

I ended up getting
  • Kivel
  • Jeanne in Pink Stars
  • Carpeena in Cilantro

Dresses were $100, but the Kivel was rung up as a blouse ($60).  I told the cashier, but she said not to bother re-ringing.  So 3 dresses, $260, tax included.  If I'd paid retail for the Carpeena alone it would have been $385 + tax.  (So I saved big!

I wore my Carpeena out to dinner with my sister, she liked it!

All in all, very good selection.  I saw some purple Helen's mixed in.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4 tips for buying Diane von Furstenberg dresses for cheap on eBay

I've averaged $81 (including shipping fees) for buying 43 dresses on eBay.  This is only dresses I still have in my possesion, not including dresses I've sold back.  How do I get dresses that usually retail for  around $400 (with tax) for 20% of the price?

  1. Know the goods.
  2. Know fake from real
  3. Know your size
  4. Know your price limit
Know the goods--have a good, working knowledge of what a Julian, Jeanne, Justin, Jessica, Jillia and Jude are.  Browse Saks, Bloomingdales, DvF.  Know what dress styles are.  If someone puts up an unnamed style, it might be a genuine dress.  I've scooped up some dresses for very little due to a bad picture or unlabeled style.   Also, as you don't get to try on, know what the dress looks and feels like. 

Know fake from real.  Here's an article on some quick tips.  In general, look for a style tag!  Look for pictures!  If the only picture is a stock picture, ask for more.  If it's labeled as New with tags, ask to see a photo of the STORE tag.  

Know your size.  Are you a small 2?  An 8 that can squeeze into a 6 or upsize to a 10?  If you've never bought a DvF, try on a few at a store to get a feel for what they are sized.  Be aware that wraps can be dramatically different from fitted dresses.

Know your price range.  I'm willing to pay up to $150 for a highly desirable dress but would like to pay under $100.  Don't get caught up in a bidding war.  Conversely, when a dress I want (China Vine Olivier) appeared, I bought it for very close to my limit.  

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Diane von Furstenberg Sheath Dresses

Though Diane von Furstenberg is famous for her wrap dresses, she does make non-wrap dresses too.  Some show up for a season, others have started becoming repeats.  Here's my thoughts on what sheaths I like, how flattering they are, and how appropriate for work.  First, my opionion is strictly on my own body shape.  I've compared myself to a T-Rex-  little up top, huge hips & thighs.  And a tummy.  In wraps I'm usually an 8, though I've squeezed down to a 4 if it's a rare pattern.  In my own personal preference order:

Thane, Marbled Pesto.  I LOVE this dress.  It's not too tight at the waist.  The wool is a comfy stretch (this dress is 100% wool, Bluefly is wrong in listing it as silk".  The keyhole back is interesting but not work inappropriate.  If it's cold, I can layer a cardigan. In fall/winter, this dress gets heavy rotation.  The dress came in several other patterns (Eva Longira wore it in red) but it doesn't pop up much on eBay.
Description "Crewneck, Cut-out back with button closure, Pleated cap sleeve, Empire waist seam, Ruching at side skirt, Unlined"

Jamila, Tiger Print.  I also LOVE this dress.  With the obi waist it's surprisingly forgiving of my stomach.  The top is a soft silk, the bottom a stretchy silk.  I think the tiger print is a little much for work, and usually only wear with a sweater. I tried on the Jamila in Cayenne at the DVF in NYC, and thought "it'll go on sale".  It didn't, and I still regret not getting it in Cayenne or in blue.  The tiger keeps popping up on eBay.
Description "wide scooped neckline, keyhole button closure at the back of the neck, capped shoulders, chiffon overlay (top), banded waist, ruching at the sides, straight skirt, and a slip on design."

Holland, Navy Blue.  I got a 10 as I'd read this ran big.  wrong!  the 10 split neckline is way too low on me.  It's a cute dress but I can only wear it on weekends.
Description " Sporty mandarin-collared splitneck dress with cap-sleeves, white panels on both sides of silhouette, and built-in hip pockets "

Marchona Hot Pink. This dress hits my stomach in the worst place and makes my butt look like meatballs.  Somehow I still like wearing it, perhaps because it reminds me of the fun I had at the DvF sample sale. A wool blend. Not work appropriate (on me) but a fun going out dress with the zipper detail.
Description "Round neckline, Cap sleeves, Straight skirt; high waistline, Black-lined zipper adorns left shoulder."

Taran. Regetta weave blue.  I'm a sucker for pockets!  Barely work appropriate.  The scoop neckline is a little low.  Good for a warm day as it's 100% silk with cap sleeves.
Description "scooped neckline, sleeveless cut, banded waist, scooped pockets at the hips, pleated detailing, and a hem that should fall just above knee level."

Carpeena.  in Hazelnut. I got this dress in 10, but it's still a bit small for me.  I like the back zipper, but still haven't worn it. 
 "sleeveless, crew-neck dress features on-seam hip pockets and a full-length, exposed back zip. Darting at bust and waist. Vertical seam at skirt.  * 33" long, measured from shoulder."  

Helen. Navy Pinstripe wool. I got this for $97 from Neiman Last Call in a size 12, and I still haven't worn it. I feel like I'm all tummy as it's so clingy.  I read reviews on Saks of how "flattering" it is.  huh.  I love this dress in theory and it's my goal dress.
Description "Wide neck, v back, cap sleeves with vents, elasticized shoulders. Seam detail through front and back, concealed back zip closure"

New Domina. Ok, this is truly my goal dress.  It's basically a bandage style dress.  Very tight.  I got mine at the DvF sample sale for $20.  It was a true sample so no size.  someday, someday, I'll fit in this!
Description "square neck and back, capped sleeves, a side zip fastening and seam and stitch detailing "

Jori.  I don't actually have this one.  A lady at the sample sale took it off the rack right before me!  No big loss, when I'd tried it on (full price) it was tummyful. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Diane von Furstenberg Linda wrap dress

Diane von Furstenberg has a few styles that come back season after season.  In a prior post I talked about Julian and Jeanne, which are a year round silk jersey.  Linda is a sweater wrap dress!

Linda is a true wrap style dress with a self fabric belt.  The neck is collarless.  The sleeves are long.  The skirt is not quite pencil, not quite A-Line.

DvF usually releases Linda in heavier weight fabrics.  I have

  • Cotton Club (100% Cashmere)
  • Spotted Cat Neutral (80% cotton, 20% silk)
  • Forest (100% wool)
  • Large Cat (100% wool)
The fabric patterns are printed on the outside.  Linda is very cozy and warm, like wearing a blanket, or a classy Snuggie.  I can wear my Julian's and Jeanne's year round, but Linda is a winter and cool weather dress. 

Linda comes in P (XS), S, M, L.  Because of the weave, I find the Linda runs a bit bigger than usual.  I usually wear an 8 in DvF, but my Linda's are small.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3 tips on how to tell a fake DvF silk wrap dress

Fake DvF tag
Here's some quick tips to avoid buying a Diane von Furstenberg fake.

1) If it's a silk dvF wrap dress, the pattern is printed on the outside (only).  The pattern shouldn't also be on the inside, unless the fabric is folded over at the collar or cuffs for example.

2) If it's a silk dvf wrap dress, Tag should say 100% silk.  NOT 100% silk jersey.

3) Tag should NOT say "Shell:" if it's a wrap.  This is a dead giveaway from fakes ~2008.  Wraps don't have a shell, they're one piece.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Diane von Furstenberg Julian vs Jeanne

Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. You know you want one, but which? The classic DvF wrap dress styles are the "Jeanne" and the "Julian". Both have been part of the DvF collection for over 5+ years and multiple seasons. The wrap dress is her signature!


Both the Jeanne and Julian printed wraps are made of luxurious, 100% silk jersey. Depending on the season, the patterns can be floral, animal, or logos. The weight and texture of the fabric is the same, the difference is just the pattern. This isn't a delicate, tearable silk. It's durable (I have dresses that are 7 years old) and packs very easily. Just shake your dress and it's ready to go! Also, depending on the pattern, stains can be easy to hide. DvF also offers a rayon Jeanne and Julian. These dresses are 85% viscose/15% polyamide, and in navy, chocolate and black.


The biggest difference between the Jeanne and Julian is the Jeanne has a collar, and the Julian is collarless. Both have a self-fabric belt that ties (wraps) at the waist. Both fall around knee (depending on your height). Both skirts are not quite A, not quite pencil, but comfortable.


The Jeanne has long sleeves which fasten with a metallic button at the cuff. The Julian has 3/4 notched sleeves. However, I have occasionally seen "Long Sleeved Julians". These have long sleeves, but no cuff.


A wrap is a forgiving dress. Unlike pants or sheaths, you can be off-size. However, the arms can be very tight. I recommend trying on dresses at the store to get a feel for your true size.


An authentic DvF dress will have a Diane von Furstenberg tag at the collar. It'll have a rectangular size tag also. The content should always say 100% silk, unless it's 85% vicose 15% polymide classic rayon wrap. The content should NEVER say Shell: 100% silk. There's no shell in authentic Jeanne/Julian. This tag is a sign of a fake. Along the waist seam, there's a small tag with the style name. On newer dresses, there will also be a hologram of Diane's face in the waist seam.

New vs Old

The Jeanne in stores now could be labeled as the "New Jeanne" or "New Jeanne Two". The "Jeanne" (old) had holdback French cuffs instead of buttons. I also found the arms in the old Jeanne to be tighter. Also, there's the New Jeanne and the New Jeanne Two. The New Jeanne had gold buttons, the New Jeanne Two seems to have NO buttons.