Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love my Megan! Got pockets!

A total Ebay "win". My new to me Megan Petite Gaudi Wave dress came on Monday. I'd debated whether It had hip pockets. From the models pose with her hand half visible, it looked like it inseam pockets. None of the descriptions I found mentioned them. From the 2007 La Movida collection, so I could still see the old net-a-porter listing.

Wonderful thick silk, very flattering. The 8 fits perfectly, and I didn't really even Ned my "cleavage" safety pin. Had a mini string of Ebay dussapointments wih sizing being off--usually with 6 being just too small. So I'll factor in 2 bad buys for a net cost of $190 for one flattering fabulous dress.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

NYC DVF Sample Sale!!!

Okay, I've crossed the line to DVF Addict. Let's not talk about the Ebay hunt for a minute. Let's talk about the DVF Sample Sale!!!

I found out about a very, very cheap limited time offer for NYC flights, and booked my flight before I was even sure there was a sample sale. In Thursday, out Friday, to hit the Friday sale (the cheapest day) as soon as it opened, and to try to minimize time off work.

The sale: Both bigger AND smaller than I expected. Rows & Rows of DVF. But most of it was late fall, there was far less summer than I expected, given the last sale was in June. The best clothes actually tended to be on the reject hangers coming out from the dressing room!

The clothes were roughly grouped by is, so I concentrated on 6, 8 and 10. Right away I found the Brush Strokes coverup I'd had my eye on. Online price-- $125 + shipping + tax, marked down from $215 Sample Sale price $20. Woohoo! Unclear though if I ever would actually pay $145 for a coverup! I grabbed the L I saw, figuring I could swap it later.

Quickly over to the "sample" rack, and I got a New Domino (ish) dress I'd never seen online or in stores. A true sample, it didn't have a size, material content or style tag. It did have a pink blotched DVF tag on the neck seam.

Then sorted through all the racks, coming up with my choices to try on. There was a limit of 10, and I ended up with 7. When I was waiting in line, snagged a pink Marchona off the lady carrying them back to the racks. I really, really wanted a brush strokes blouse I'd seen a lady take the last of, but couldn't find another one.

The dressing room was a shock--one big communal area, with a "slot" on the rail for your stuff. Oh.

Grattan: Looked ok, didn't love it.
Banker Black wrap: Not Ok.
Random gray dress with pocket zippers: ugh. Noone seemed to look good in this one.
Stirling in Purple Spotted Snow Pony (aka Cow). I'd had my eye on the Stirling in Wild Quail. Just didn't love it. I didn't feel I'd look forward to wearing it.
New Domino sample: Wow, I'm almost a sample size! (first reaction). Wow, I can't fit in this sample! Second reaction. The sales lady helped me zip, but I couldn't get it over my rib cage. "It's not flattering" she said. Then another customer said I could get elastic put in. For $20 and getting a sample, I decided to keep it! Black with pink trim.
Marchona in Pink. I liked! I'd tried it on before, but thought it was too snug. Still a bit snug, but another customer said it "looked great, I just needed a "skimmer"" I guess this is a NYC girdle. All around me I was getting a front row view of what NYC wears for undergarments (or at least to a sample sale).
Haro in Love is Life Graffiti. I'd tried this on at the Bloomingdales in Chicago and not really known where I would wear it…the skirt is tight and short for the office, but the blouse top too formal for a date night. Another customer (yes, a different one!) said "THAT looks good". But then I showed her how tight the butt was, and she said "but the front looks great".

I made my "get" stack of the Marchona, coverup, and the sample. Then I made another swing through the store looking for discards. I went back in to try...

Jessie Joan in Jungle Green. I thoughtt this didn't look bad, but I didn't think I'd look forward to wearing it. I really want to get dresses I look forward to!
Marchmont Quail another lady tried on, didn't like, and I asked for it. What were they thinking? Wrap dress with the skirt so short, top so loose. I really liked the pattern and the idea of a black wool skirt, but the execution was all sorts of wrong.
Then the heartbreaker…the lady in front of me in line knew the people running the sale, and got them to bring her a Jovita in 8. The lady was a size 0! and the 8 swum on her. But the attendant said "it's on the sample rack for $20 as the zipper is damaged, for that price, take it to a tailor and have it taken in!"

I made another pass hoping something would pop back, but then got in line to buy. Right wen I came to the checkout, I saw a size 10 Love is Life Haro. I grabbed it! I didn't want to regret NOT getting it.

So my final haul was two wear to work dresses ($75 each) one coverup $20, and one aspirational sample that I might fit into ($20). I got a nice surprise in checking out when they didn't charge tax, so $190, or less than the cost of ONE dress on sale.

Would I go again? When I was there, I was a bit disappointed, but I think that reflects my disappointment in the fall season overall. I get spoiled with Ebay where I see the greatest hits from last seasons, all at my fingertips. Now, I'm very happy i went. If I can get a cheap fare for June, I'm coming back!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New DVF Polly Anna

Finally a successful second hand purchase! After three duds in a row (too big, too small, and a FAKE), I really should have just given up on the DVF "after-market". But then, there it was. Another mis-labeled dress at a killer low price. Listed for $29.99 as "Diane Von Furstenberg Silk Safari Military Fall Dress", but to my eye, clearly a Polly Anna in Desert Moon Khaki. (Photo courtesy of DVF Blogspot )
I had bought a size 6 Polly Anna this spring and it quickly became one of my favorite dresses. Not a wrap, a shirt dress, but of flattering silk jersey, dressy enough for work but comfy enough to wear any time.

Having learned my lesson, I wrote the seller asking her to send me photos of the inner tags. She sent me a photo of the neck tag, and I wrote back asking for the "inner bodice tag". She didn't even know it existed! but after looking where I told her, said it was "Polly Anna". 3 days later, my dress came! In good condition, but a little snug. I wonder if the 6 I bought pre-owned had stretched out more, or whether sizing varied. A good deal for a good dress!

Now after browsing DVFS Blog again, I really want this in the Canyon Red Paisley.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bought my first fake!!!

After months of lurking, I bit the bullet and created an ebay account to buy what I thought was a total find. The seller had labeled it as a Justin, but the sleeves wer short and rolled--not a Justin. The pattern matched a Revolutionary Duenne Petite Jungle Camo! (Photo from DVF BlogSpot) I was soooo excited, it even had pockets, the seller warned me it had been a shop display and needed dry cleaning. "sure,"

Dress came, fit ok...but the fabric felt so wrong. Not silky but scratchy. The label said Shell, 100% jersey... But it was unlined! Uhoh, I'd bought a fake. My friend Linda felt it and said "stretch silk can feel interesting, but this isn't stretch silk."

I feel, in a word, duped. I think (hope?) the seller thought it was real. If it was just a cute poly dress I'd bought got $68, would I have appreciated the compliments I got instead of being depreceating?

Chalk it up to a lesson learned about being more thorough about asking for liner tag photos. I'm keeping the dress for now. At least it fits! And I did get compliments when I wore it.