Monday, February 10, 2014

Diane von Furstenberg and American Hustle

"American Hustle" has some great Diane von Furstenberg dresses! Michael Wilkinson, the costume designer, talks about the dresses by Diane von Furstenberg that Amy Adams wore.

My favorite: Jeanne in Green Twiggs. I've been coveting this for years. I have this pattern in the Laney shirt dress However, the snaps on the Laney are prone to unsnapping spontaneously. After an unfortunate event at lunch four years ago, I haven't worn my Laney. The reissued Jeanne is available now for full price at

New Jeanne 2 in Stone Leopard Red. Sold out, but see photo on Nordstrom I was lucky enough to get this dress for $100 (!) at the 2013 Diane von Furstenberg Summer Sample sale in NYC.  Now if only DvF would have sample sales again.

Vintage with Chocolate - pretty pattern.

And finally, an uncredited appearance by the "Utility" wrap dress in Bandana Red. Amy Adams wore this in an early montage when she's at a copier. I only got a glimpse - might have possibly been the "Mary Jo", but it was a wool wrap dress.

The Jeanne Green Twiggs is down to last sizes on and I am definitely tempted to splurge!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Diane von Furstenberg Sample Sale, Friday June 28, 2013

My third DvF sample sale, and I knew the drill. At 9:30 AM there was no line, the early-birds already having entered. I checked my bag, wearing a dress with a pocket for my phone & a credit card. I started scouring the size 10 racks. It wasn't the bonanza of wrap dresses as in NYC June '12, but I spotted on the size 8 some wraps. And a wide array of dresses going back up to four seasons. Some legitimate samples, including a Kivel in a pattern I'd never seen, still labeled from the shop.

I ended up getting (all $100)

New Jeanne Two Stone Leopard Red - retail price $365
New Jeanne Two Leopard Nude - retail price $365
Ingrid - retail price $365
Hayley - broken zipper - retail price $565

I was hoping I'd get a discount given the broken zipper on the Hayley, but they said it was "as-is". Not that I would pay full price usually, but this would have been $1,660 + tax = $1,809.4 at retail. The nice thing about Sample Sale is tax is included. So $400 (total), or four dresses for the price of one!

I found one Kivel in Tiger Eye Teal, but only in Large which hung off of me. I wish I'd gotten there sooner, but better late than never.

I'm wearing my Stone Leopard Red today and have already gotten a compliment.

Is the DvF sample sale worth it? Depends on how much you're a DvF addict. But that's the title of my blog, after all. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

DvF Sample Sale, June 2013 - prologue

This was the Diane von Furstenberg sample sale that almost wasn't. Usually like clockwork, the June DvF sample sale is the first two weeks of June. Late May rolled around, then early June...where was the announcement? Then came the blog posts that the sale was CANCELED. Oh no...I'd been waiting and plotting.

Coincidentally, I was in NYC for work the third week of June. On my pilgramage to the DvF SoHo store, the store manager told me it was back on, for the LAST week of June 25 -28! YES! But how to make it work? I ended up taking the red-eye. My flight was delayed two hours, and I landed at 9 AM instead of 7 AM. I hopped into a taxi and arrived...ready to sample!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Diane von Furstenberg Kivel Dress

I have a new favorite Diane von Furstenberg dress, the Kivel Sweater Dress. I bought my first Kivel dress, in "Floral Medley" at the DvF sample sale in NYC. It's a nice weight for a transitional season sweater dress, in a 80% cotton 20% silk blend. I reach for it on the days where I just can't even wrap dresses seem like too much work.

I recently purchased from eBay the Kivel Dress in Tiger Eye Red. I had my eye on the Teal Tiger Eye Kivel that Sarah Jessica Parker wore. However, I was waiting for it to go on sale, and it never dropped in price low enough to snage it. The Tiger Eye Red Kivel has, in the words of my friend, a "Dragon Lady Chinese New Year" feel. I'm loving it! The fabric is a bit more cozy feeling than the Floral Medley, though it's also marked as "80% Cotton 20% Silk"

For sizing, the Floral Medley is in M and a bit loose on me, and the Tiger Eye is a bit snug on me. I'm hoping the Tiger Eye stretches a little. Right now the Tiger Eye definetly NOT work appropriate like the looser Floral Medley.

Two thumbs up, and I'm happy Kivel is back for the 2013 season. I'm eyeing the short sleeved Kivel version in a bold pattern. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hakkasan Dresses by Diane von Furstenberg

Hakkasan is an upscale Chinese restaurant chain, started in London. I kept admiring my waitresses dress last night, and finally asked her who made it. Diane von Furstenberg! I didn't know, I just liked the dress!  I guess I really do LOVE DvF. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

DVF Sample Sale December 2012 - Confirmed!

I have stopped buying DVF since October, as I am heavily anticipating the DvF sample sale in New York City. It's hard to pay even a sale price of $160 if I think I can get the same dress soon for $100. If patterns hold true, the sample sale "should" be December 6-13.
[UPDATE: Sale is official:
Where: 260 Fifth Ave NY, NY
When: Tuesday, December 11th, 9am~6:30pm
Wednesday, December 12th 10am~8pm
Thursday, December 13th, 10am~7pm
Friday, December 14th, 9am~3pm 
 No Saturday times like in June ] 

There's a heavy emphasis on "Should" - what about Hurricane Sandy? Christmas? I haven't quite pulled the trigger on buying my plane ticket til I'm more confident but I am looking forward to the sale!

On my list

  •  Evette 
  • Jeanne(s) [ of course ] 
  • Kivel, hopefully in Tiger Eye
  • ???

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Frustrated by hemming issues on Diane von Furstenberg

I have a pile  of Diane von Furstenberg dresses I'm not wearing due to the hems ripping out.

Do I love them? Yes.
Are they flattering? Yes.

So why aren't I wearing them? In all four, the hems ripped out, leaving a ragged edge. All are non-wrap dresses, and I think the thread used is not as strong. One Carpeena hem started unravelling after my first wear! Others, it's not only the actual hem (bottom of skirt), but the hem of the sleeves, too.

In my hemming pile...

Diane von Furstenberg Carpeena Marigold
Diane von Furstenberg Ingrid Winged Pink  (both skirt and sleeves need re-hemming)
Diane von Furstenberg Imana Sundial

Polly Dee Canyon Red (no pic)

The Polly Dee is a 5+ year old EBay find, so it's hemming issue is forgiveable. The Carpeena and Ingrid I bought brand new, so I'm bummed that they only lasted 1-3 wears before unraveling.