Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Love my Megan! Got pockets!

A total Ebay "win". My new to me Megan Petite Gaudi Wave dress came on Monday. I'd debated whether It had hip pockets. From the models pose with her hand half visible, it looked like it inseam pockets. None of the descriptions I found mentioned them. From the 2007 La Movida collection, so I could still see the old net-a-porter listing.

Wonderful thick silk, very flattering. The 8 fits perfectly, and I didn't really even Ned my "cleavage" safety pin. Had a mini string of Ebay dussapointments wih sizing being off--usually with 6 being just too small. So I'll factor in 2 bad buys for a net cost of $190 for one flattering fabulous dress.

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