Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bought my first fake!!!

After months of lurking, I bit the bullet and created an ebay account to buy what I thought was a total find. The seller had labeled it as a Justin, but the sleeves wer short and rolled--not a Justin. The pattern matched a Revolutionary Duenne Petite Jungle Camo! (Photo from DVF BlogSpot) I was soooo excited, it even had pockets, the seller warned me it had been a shop display and needed dry cleaning. "sure,"

Dress came, fit ok...but the fabric felt so wrong. Not silky but scratchy. The label said Shell, 100% jersey... But it was unlined! Uhoh, I'd bought a fake. My friend Linda felt it and said "stretch silk can feel interesting, but this isn't stretch silk."

I feel, in a word, duped. I think (hope?) the seller thought it was real. If it was just a cute poly dress I'd bought got $68, would I have appreciated the compliments I got instead of being depreceating?

Chalk it up to a lesson learned about being more thorough about asking for liner tag photos. I'm keeping the dress for now. At least it fits! And I did get compliments when I wore it.

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