Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New DVF Polly Anna

Finally a successful second hand purchase! After three duds in a row (too big, too small, and a FAKE), I really should have just given up on the DVF "after-market". But then, there it was. Another mis-labeled dress at a killer low price. Listed for $29.99 as "Diane Von Furstenberg Silk Safari Military Fall Dress", but to my eye, clearly a Polly Anna in Desert Moon Khaki. (Photo courtesy of DVF Blogspot )
I had bought a size 6 Polly Anna this spring and it quickly became one of my favorite dresses. Not a wrap, a shirt dress, but of flattering silk jersey, dressy enough for work but comfy enough to wear any time.

Having learned my lesson, I wrote the seller asking her to send me photos of the inner tags. She sent me a photo of the neck tag, and I wrote back asking for the "inner bodice tag". She didn't even know it existed! but after looking where I told her, said it was "Polly Anna". 3 days later, my dress came! In good condition, but a little snug. I wonder if the 6 I bought pre-owned had stretched out more, or whether sizing varied. A good deal for a good dress!

Now after browsing DVFS Blog again, I really want this in the Canyon Red Paisley.

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