Saturday, June 9, 2012

DVF Sample Sale - Spring 2012

I was very pleasantly surprised by the June 2012 sample sale.  I arrived later than I wanted to on Friday, around 10:15 (sale opened at 9 AM).  But there was no line to get in. They checked my purse, and I had to lug around my (bulky) wallet.  Next time, I'll stuff a credit card in my bra (or wear pockets) like the other shoppers.

Immediately I was shocked at the very good selection of Julian & Jeanne dresses in good patterns.  I started grabbing too many, and eventually had a stack I couldn't haul around.  I paused and whittled down my heap from "oh, I might get this to" "I want THIS".  There were the Facebook Fan patterns of Stars, Green-Pink Polo Check (which I'd previously bought for $150) and the Trail.  Also Jeanne in Spotted Grey from a few seasons back.  Even very recent patterns, like the Jeanne in Paper Forest Green (which I already have) and Japanese Pop Daisy which the DVF website is still selling for $255.

I tried on...
  • Jeanne in Japanese Pop Daisy (bottom of the pattern fell funny on me)
  • Jeanne in Spotted Cat Grey (didn't love)
  • Green waves/brown bottom dress (not flattering)
  • Jeanne in Pink Stars (loved! though I could only find in 10)
  • Kivel in Floral Medley (loved!)
  • Rura in African Violet.  This is still full price at Saks!  I loved the pattern, but the dress just wasn't flattering on my stomach.  In the dressing room, I saw a girl trying on a wrap in this pattern.  I was so hoping she wouldn't get it, but she did.

The lady next to me was trying on a green Carpeena, so I tried it on.  It was a 12! but it looked good on me.  It's also still selling for full price at Saks

I ended up getting
  • Kivel
  • Jeanne in Pink Stars
  • Carpeena in Cilantro

Dresses were $100, but the Kivel was rung up as a blouse ($60).  I told the cashier, but she said not to bother re-ringing.  So 3 dresses, $260, tax included.  If I'd paid retail for the Carpeena alone it would have been $385 + tax.  (So I saved big!

I wore my Carpeena out to dinner with my sister, she liked it!

All in all, very good selection.  I saw some purple Helen's mixed in.


  1. Love your blog! Question. I keep searching Ebay for a red-white DVF dress. What is the name of the print that is the classic DVF from the 70s, and it made a comeback in the 90's (I believe). It's like the print on this DVF Vogue Pattern:

  2. Thanks! It's hard to see in the photo, but it looks like Red Twigs. I have the Laney Shirtdress in Green twigs.

  3. Thanks for the Post. The latest Diane von Furstenberg collection looks awesome.